Bankers Cheques

Bankers cheques for guaranteed payments.

When you issue a banker’s cheque we are essentially guaranteeing that monies you owe will be paid immediately. To obtain a banker’s cheque customers need to give us at least 24 hours notice for the cheque to be prepared,  signed by the bank manager on behalf of the bank as a drawer and issued to the customer.

Features and benefits

✅ The banker’s cheque is an affordable and secure way to transfer large sums of cash
✅ They can also be used locally or internationally
✅ Banker’s cheques’ can be used as travel funds
✅ After drafts are deposited, there is normally a delay of several days for clearance
✅ Drafts are available in selected major currencies at selected bank branches
✅ Lost or stolen drafts can be stopped and replacements issued (subject to terms and conditions)

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