The benefits of internet banking for business.

If you’re not already on internet banking then now is the ideal time to make the switch from the traditional branch and cheque book style of banking to our online platform. Without doubt internet banking has come a long way since its inception making it user friendly and secure and above all better for business. Here are some convincing reasons why:

  1. Save time
    There’s no arguing it’s much easier to access the bank online than visit the branch. No trips to the bank, no queues and unlike traditional banking our internet banking platform is open 24/7. Simply put you will save time.
  2. Save money
    Talking of saving things you will also save money. Because internet banking with First Capital Bank is free and comes with no transaction fees and no monthly bank charges so you save money. Have a look at your last bank statement and add up the transaction fees and bank charges. You might be surprised how much money you will save by making the switch.
  3. Online banking makes payments easy
    Forget about filling, signing and delivering cheques – that’s gone. In a few simple clicks you can pay your creditors whether they are First Capital Bank accounts or other bank accounts . You can also confirm payment by sending proof of payment instantly.
  4. Pay all your creditors at once
    Here’s a useful feature – bulk payments. If you want to pay more than one creditor at the same time bulk payments enables you to do that. And it can be to as many creditors as you want. So its a very useful feature for things such as salaries – no individual cheques – again in a few clicks you can be done.
  5. Paying Taxes
    Our internet banking platform is integrated with the MRA’s online system so instead of going to your nearest MRA payment point you can pay your domestic taxes and customs duties straight from your computer – again saving valuable time.
  6. Streamlined management of all your accounts
    If you are a multiple account holder with internet banking you can view and manage all your accounts from one point – the dashboard. You can look for transactions, download statements, order cards, stop cheques – in fact everything you had to go to the bank for you can do online!

Getting yourself up and running on internet banking

Already registered for internet banking – easy. Simply log in and do your banking.

Not yet registered – you will need to fill out the internet banking application form and take it to your nearest branch. You can download and complete the form here:
Corporate Customers – download here
Personal Customers – download here

If you are a new customer you will need to open an account with us and then register for internet banking. You can download and complete our account application forms here:
Corporate applications – download here
Personal applications – download here


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