Internet Banking

Take your Business Banking to a whole new level

At First Capital Bank our Internet Banking platform gives our online customers a whole new banking experience. Using leading-edge banking technology, we have taken Online Banking to a whole new level by providing our customers with a convenient, user-friendly and secure Internet Banking solution.

Features and benefitsΒ 

Our platform comes with a host of functions that empowers our customers to do nearly all their banking online. No time wasted on branch visits! For easy navigation, the central dashboard lets you access all your banking functions in just a few clicks. Plus, we have added a host of new features for your added convenience.

βœ… Personalized dashboard
βœ… Check balances
βœ… Download statements as Excel PDF, CSV
βœ… Manage Current, Savings and Loan accounts
βœ… Group different sets of accounts
βœ… Make MRA payments
βœ… Transfers to beneficiaries and nonbeneficiaries
βœ… Schedule payments
βœ… Check payments approval queue
βœ… View complete and incomplete transactions
βœ… Inter-account transfers
βœ… Bill payments
βœ… Add/ view/ modify beneficiaries
βœ… Order debit cards/ chequebooks
βœ… Stop cheques
βœ… Open term deposit account

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