Bill Payments

Need to pay your bills from the comfort of your own home or from the office?

Enjoy the ease and convenience of Bill Payments through First Capital Bank. It is fast, convenient, secure and executed in real time. You can say goodbye to the days of writing cheques, drawing cash and lost bills.

Whether it is your electricity bill or water bill or payment for your city rates or topping up airtime, look no further than First Capital Bank’s bill payment solution. Enjoy the convenience of paying for all these services at our First Capital Bank Branches, Agencies, ATMs or even through your mobile phone! The following bill payment services are currently available:

✅ DStv/ GoTV
✅ TNM Top Up
✅ Airtel Top up
✅ Water Board
✅ City Rates
✅ MRA payments

Fill in your details below and a First Capital Bank representative will contact you with further details.